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How to open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 10

Some commands need administrative or elevated command prompt to work properly but when you usually open a command prompt, you get a regular or un-elevated command prompt. On Windows 8 and 10 you could easily get this both Command Prompt and Command Prompt (Admin) by

The WannaCry hack shows North Korea emergence as a cyber powerhouse

The US is officially blaming Pyongyang for the ransomware attacks that struck more than 150 countries. The US has officially blamed North Korea for the “WannaCry” cyberattacks that disabled hundreds of thousands of computers across more than 150 countries back in May. The announcement marks

Cyber-attack: US and UK blame North Korea for WannaCry

The US and UK governments have said North Korea was responsible for the WannaCry malware attack affecting hospitals, businesses and banks across the world earlier this year. The attack is said to have hit more than 300,000 computers in 150 nations, causing billions of dollars

How Apple Watch saved one man’s life — and how it’s empowering him after his heart attack

Scott Killian never imagined his Apple Watch might save his life, but that’s exactly what happened a few weeks ago when he had a heart attack in the middle of the night. Killian recently shared his personal experience with 9to5Mac, and the details of his

Facebook admits it poses mental health risk – but says using site more can help

Facebook has acknowledged that social media use can be bad for users’ mental health, a sign the company is feeling pressure from a growing chorus of critics raising alarms about the platform’s effect on society. Researchers for the social network admitted in a blogpost Friday

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